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Ashley Christine Turner

Memories of a Bestfriend
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There are so many memories Ashley and I, as well as our families, shared together. I thought I would share a few with others who knew her.


One Halloween when we were in 5th grade, Ashley's mom had a wonderful idea of dressing her up as a bunch of grapes. Lisa, Ashley's mother, blew up purple balloons and taped them all over Ashley and then took a paper bag and twisted it on her head to look like a stem! It was an adorable costume but everytime Ashley went up to a door a balloon would pop and finally she was missing about ten balloons. She went home and my little sister and I collected candy for her.

Another fun memory is when Ashley, Lisa (her mother), Larry (her father) and I went horseback riding through the woods. Larry had not ridden a horse in ages. We forget Larry was behind us and began galloping through the woods. Poor Larry had to go over jumps that he was not prepared for (to say the least). Then we got lost. Ashley and I thought we knew how to go up Sugarloaf Mountain- we did not. We were in the woods for over seven hours. We were grounded. It was SOO much fun though. We didn't care about being grounded at all.

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